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  • Marmo Glass White Tiles

    Marmo Glass White Tile 800x800mm For Flooring and Walling Crystallized Marmo Glass Stone is perfect as flooring tiles and wall cladding.it has tiles from 10-30mm thickness. Welcome to China Marmo Glass, Crystallized Marmo Glass, Pure White Marmo Crystal Slab, Find details about China Marmo White Marble, Pure White Crystal Marmo from Xiamen Tianrun Stoneglass here on chinananoglass.com. We make Marmo Glass Tile Size 600x600mm,800x800mm,1000x1000mm,1200x1200mm ect. more

  • Nano Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone

    Nano Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone 5 Buy Nano Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone, Chinese high quality and cheap Nano Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone supplier and manufacturer here by Xiamen Tianrun Stoneglass. We make Calacatta Nano Glass for slabs, countertops, vanitytops, tiles, wall cladding ect. Xiamen Tianrun Stoneglass welcomes architects, designers, contractors, wholesaler and residential customers to visit our website to choose your favorite material and products here from chinananoglass.com more

  • China Top Nano Glass Pure White Nano Crystal Glass Stone Countertop Factory

    Nano Glass Pure White Nano Crystal Glass Stone Countertop White Nano Crystallized Glass Countertops also called Nano Glass, White Glass, Milk Glass, Xiamen Stoneglass, China Nanoglass. Nano Crystallized Glass has recently become popular for Kitchen Countertops, Backsplash, wall panels. Fabricators can cut Nano Glass Stone for interior or exterior floor tiles or wall tiles, and even kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, sink ect. more

  • Nano Glass Stone Kitchen Countertop

    Nano Glass Kitchen Countertop Sink Hole Basin Hole Nano Crystallized White Glass also called Nano Glass, White Glass, Milk Glass, Xiamen Stoneglass, China Nanoglass. Nano Crystallized Glass has recently become popular for Kitchen Countertops, Backsplash, wall panels. Our workers are professonal to make the sink hole, basin hole, facucet hole according to drawings. more

  • Nanoglass Calacatta Gold Vein Slab

    Nanoglass Calacatta Gold Vein Amazing 280x160x2CM Slab available Nanoglass Calacatta Gold is also named as Calacatta Nano Glass, Calacatta Nano Crystallized Glass etc. It is a kind of Crystallized Glass Stone without Pores, an engineered pure white marble granite stone, mosh hardness more than 6. It is very strong and glossy for the countertops, flooring tiles, wall cladding tiles for both interior and exterior place. more

  • Nanoglass Countertop

    Pure White Nanoglass Countertop Factory and Exporter of Pure White Nanoglass Countertop, the Usage can be For hotel, bathroom, indoor and outdoor decoration. more


    CALACATTA CARRARA NANOGLASS GLASS MARBLE Calacatta Gold Nanoglass is a kind of Crystallized Glass Panel. It also called Calacatta Gold VeinNanoglass ,Calacatta Golden Nanoglass ,Calcutta Gold Nanoglass,Calacata Gold Nanoglass ,Calacatta Nanoglass,Calacatta Golden White Nanoglass ect. more

  • Pure White Nano Glass Nanoglass Slabs 3cm countertops

    Pure White Nano Glass Nanoglass Slabs 3cm for the countertops Here you can find Nano Glass 30mm thickness Polished Nanoglass Slabs 3000x1600mm, 2800x1600mm, the thickness can be 10mm to 30mm. We are leading manufacturer factory and exporter for crystal nanoglass from 10mm-30mm thickness. 30mm nano glass, 30mm nano glass Products, Cheap 30mm nano glass, 3cm nano glass Suppliers, Find Quality 30mm nano glass and Buy 30mm nano glass from Xiamen Tianrun Stoneglass here at chinananoglass.com more

CHINA MARMOGLASS CO.,LIMITED is the direct and leading manufacturer for Crystallized MarmoGlass(Marmo Glass) and NanoGlass(Nano Glass) products in southeast of China, we have specialized in manufacturing crystallized glass stone since 2000. China Marmoglass Co.,Limited produce quality Marmoglass and Nanoglass for a range of Applications such as Kitchen Countertop,Bathroom Vanitytops,Flooring,Walling,facade,column,windowsills for both Interior and Exterior place.

China Marmoglass Co.,Limited offer large slab size 3000x1600mm,2800x1600mm for thickness slab 10mm to 30mm. We have all types of crystallized Marmoglass and Nanoglass series from thickness 6mm,12mm,18mm,20mm,25mm,30mm ( Marmoglass, Marmoglass Porous, Nanoglass NANO3, Crystallized Glass Stone).

- MARMOGLASS, also named Glass Marble, Neo-Paris, Crystallized Glass,Thassos Glassos Marble.

- NANOGLASS, also named Nanostone, Crystallized Nano Glass, Nano Crystallized Glass, Stoneglass.

- JADE GLASS STONE SLAB,which is a kind of Recycled glass materials.

- CRYSTALLIZED GLASS PANEL, which also called white glass, milk glass.

- COMPOSITE MARMOGLASS, the marmoglass laminated tiles.

Our factory is located in Quanzhou Economic Technology Dvpt. Zone, which is 90 kilometers far from xiamen port and xiamen airport. Our products cover from Slab, Tile, Skirting, Steps, Countertop, Tabletop, Riser , Column and so on. With an area of over 20,000 square meters, the company has more than 10 years' production strength and established good business relationship with customers from Brazil, Portugal, UAE, Poland, Saudi Arabia, USA, Italy, UK, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Greece, Cyprus, Angola, Bahrain and so on.

In our workshop, We have advanced machines with high-technology to make the biggest slab size of 3000mm x 1800mm x 30mm (120"x72"x1 1 /6" ) / 3200x1600x20mm and minimum thickness of from 6mm at panel 2440x1240x6mm. With our advanced production equipment and expert technicians, we passed the strict ISO9000 Quality System Attestation and gained customers' trust at home or abroad with new & superior quality, reasonable price and good reputation. Our professional workers are rich in experience of Marmoglass and Nnaolgass cutting, Marmoglass/Nanoglass polishing, Marmoglass/Nanoglass drilling, lamination, Marmoglass/Nanoglasspacking,Marmoglass/Nanoglass loading and other finishing. Not only Xiamen Port, We now also have big warehouse/showroom near Shenzhen Port, Foshan Port, Tianjin Port, Jiujiang Port, which we can ship cargo very fast.

In our office, We have experts team with technical background. They have years of experience in both production and trading. We successfully combine western working style that makes a smooth cooperation possible and avoids communication problems as well as cultural misunderstandings.

Quality not means the production itself, also packing, marking, loading and transportation. We make sure that we will provide you not only perfect products, but also the best service.

CHINA MARMOGLASS CO.,LIMITED have improve out international relationship with other, making our company growing more and more, we want to make your needs more easy to you, call us now to get one of the best prices worldwide !


Xiamen Tianrun Stoneglass Import and Export Co.,Ltd.

VAT. NO.: 91350203MA349***1G

Office: NO.166 Lianyueli,Siming Distric,Xiamen City 361012, China.

Factory: Quanzhou Economic Tech Dvpt. Zone,Quanzhou City 362000,China.

Contact: Mr. Tang

Mobile: 0086 13950111631 (whatsapp)

Tel: 0086-592-5035063

Skype: chinamarmoglass

MSN: xiamentang@hotmail.com

Gmail: chinamarmoglassco@gmail.com

E-mail: info@chinamarmoglass.com

Website: www.chinamarmoglass.com


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